How much does a home rewire cost?

At Home Rewires we implement a transparent pricing policy that ensures you will never pay more than what you’re quoted except if additional repair is required. Our prices are quoted upfront in writing. Our services are backed by a 12 month parts and labour warranty.

The cost of a home rewire as you would expect very much depends on the size and state of your property, however the average cost is approximately £4,000. The key elements of the cost depend on:

Type of property

Age of the property


Accessibility of rooms

Position of property


Fabric of the property

EICR Inspection rates

In order to provide you with an accurate quotation we need to conduct an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which is used to assess the safety of the existing electrical installation within the property and is used to describe its condition. Parts of the system that are reported on include consumer units, protective bonding, lighting, switches and sockets etc.

Our cost for an EICR is £150.00

Rewiring Upgrades

A home rewire also offers you an opportunity to upgrade any current outlets or add new technical appliances such as internal and external:

  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Fire detection
  • Security
  • Switches
  • Sockets
  • Networks
  • Ventilation
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Showers
At Home Rewires we can oversee this for you by installing the wiring and if required purchasing and fitting equipment.

Are your home electrics safe?

We can review your property and identify any possible issues and improve the safety of your home.

What is a home rewire?

The electrical wiring system throughout your home powers all your appliances, equipment and lighting. Over time the system and wiring needs to be replaced.

Does your home need a rewire?

There are several signs you can look out for to tell whether your home needs rewiring, including burning smells, flickering lights, discoloured switches, blown fuses, socket issues.

How much does a home rewire cost?

The cost of home rewires depends on a number of factors including age of the property, timescale of the rewire, manpower required and access.