Helping you choose the right electrician

Helping you choose the right electrician Home Rewires

Electrical repairs are an integral part of a homeowners routine. No matter what you do, there’s always some repair work that needs addressing.

While you may be able to do some repairs with common DIY knowledge, don’t risk doing anything if you have absolutely no experience handling these electrical jobs. It’s not worth the risk. Instead, it’s better to find an experienced and professional electrician like Home Rewires, a company you can always depend on for your electrical repairs.

Quality electricians are a big investment of your time and money, which is why you have to look for the right company that is not only capable of the work but also quotes a reasonable price. Our latest article aims to help you choose the right electrician with some handy pointers to ensure a professional and safe job is undertaken from the onset.


All reputable electricians should have proper insurance.  Checking this is key to ensuring you choose the right electrician.  You should be looking for public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance as a minimum as these cover the kinds of risks that your home or buildings insurance might not.


Alongside the workmanship guarantee which should be provided by the electrician direct, there will be a warranty on parts that are used for the job. An electrical contractor supplying a household with new electrical accessories (light switches and power sockets), will come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. There will still be a contractual obligation on the electrical contractor, in the event of a confirmed fault even after the warranty has expired.


The electrician you hire should have considerable experience in the industry. Experienced electrical contractors like us here at Home Rewires have the capabilities to face challenges occasioned by short circuits, electrical surges, and non-maintenance. Generally, it is risky to hire inexperienced electricians to do any work in your home or business. It would be better to choose a certified electrician with the required experience to work on your home the first time than hiring one to correct a shoddy job.


A competent electrician will have a number of former clients who can attest to the work completed. You ought to look for online portfolios, customer testimonials, and any information from the internet that will help you decide which electrical contractor to use. A Google search can also provide you with reviews depending on the way the company is listed.

If you do need to ask for references, make sure they are for the same type of project as yours so you can compare like for like and if you receive a recommendation from a trusted friend or neighbour about a good reliable electrician, it is usually a good metric of the quality of service. However you decide to choose your electrician, always remember to check their credentials.

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